Our History

ICTT was founded in 1983, as a for-profit enterprise jointly owned with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT), one of the world’s leading schools of engineering, science, and mathematics. The company’s initial complex systems practice was focused on the Telecommunications industry, during its conversion from electro-mechanical technology and protected monopoly to a digital electronics and software enabled, de-regulated, competitive, global, open systems market.

In 1996, the enterprise broadened its business plan to life cycle Systems Engineering for complex systems in the telecommunications, military/aerospace, automotive/heavy equipment, medical/health care, and manufacturing sectors. The company acquired clients in all of these sectors, practicing, refining, and proving its common Systematica Methodology across these diverse domains and technologies.

ICTT originated and continues as a Professional Services enterprise. It was joined in 1997 by its commonly owned affiliate, System Sciences, LLC, to offer licensed technologies and intellectual assets complementing these services, as an integrated supplier of services and enabling assets for our clients.

In 2006, the minority ownership of twenty-year academic partner RHIT was re-purchased by the company, and the combined enterprise continues with its founding private ownership.

Now licensed by clients in diverse industries, the Systematica Methodology has developed out of research and practice spanning 35 years of efforts beginning in military-aerospace applications and later spreading across numerous industries and technologies. Extended to many Systems Business Processes, this methodology is applied to diverse Hard Technologies, but also finds important application to Human Systems.

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