Many commercial third-party tools exist for automating the capture, organization, analysis, and access to systems engineering information:

  • Requirements Management Tools
  • Simulation Tools
  • Verification and Validation Systems
  • Configuration Management Tools
  • Modeling Tools
  • Issue Tracking Systems
  • Data Analysis and Reporting Tools
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Test Planning and Generation Systems
  • General Information Repositories and Warehouses
  • Other Tools and Information Systems


Systematica Methodology enhances the value of these existing tools and information systems:

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering data is inherently relational/object database oriented
  • Classes, Relationships, Attributes – the stuff of MBSE models is the stuff of databases, and can “supercharge” your existing base of tools
  • Defined by the Detailed Systematica Metamodel licensed asset
  • ICTT supplied Data Schema Packages for each of the popular systems engineering tool sets
  • MBSE data therefore readily ports into the third party tools
  • This greatly extends the capabilities of your existing tools


For assistance in planning the use of your tools to support new MBSE, PBSE processes, ICTT offers Tool Integration Planning (TIP) Service.

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