Uncover the Pattern™ (UTP) Service

Complex Systems present many challenges to the people and organizations that plan, specify, design, fabricate, integrate, install, validate, verify, operate, maintain, support, and improve them. The experience of individuals and the organization in dealing with familiar systems is a key asset of the enterprise. However, this informal internal expertise is less effective as systems become more complex and as the rate of change of these systems, their environment, and the organization and people increases.
Variations in understanding, design, operation, and other aspects may vary in arbitrary ways across the organization as it deals with differing system configurations and situations. Each system configuration is optimized for different needs, situations, applications, and markets, but how many of the differences between systems is needed, versus differences that arise randomly out of the different experience of different people? How much time and effort do we spend on each new project re-specifying the same core ideas? How many quality and rework issues are injected by unintentional variations?

Uncover the Pattern™ (UTP) is a service of ICTT System Sciences that addresses these problems, using Systematica Methodology’s Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE). UTP facilitates the rapid production of a re-usable, configurable model that describes a family of repeat appearance systems—whether they are members of a product line, internal operational systems, or business processes. Skilled staff members from ICTT System Sciences work together with selected members from your organization, in a UTP Pattern Modeling Team, to “Uncover” (discover) the form of the explicit model of the “pattern behind the curtain” of your enterprise.

The resulting Pattern is valuable IP of your enterprise. It can be used to dramatically accelerate and improve processes (using Pattern-Driven Improvement™) of defining new product configurations, understanding existing and future systems, responding to requests, improving performance and quality, and many others.

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