Benefits of Model-Based Systems Processes

Model-Based system descriptions (requirements, designs) are more explicit, less ambiguous than traditional prose:

  • Reduced ambiguity lowers rework, cycle time, misunderstandings caused by interpretation issues;
  • Reduce this universal experience: Three people reading a document have three interpretations of its content;
  • This impacts those who plan, manage, analyze, design, create test plans for, and support these systems.

Easier to measure completeness and consistency of Models than prose:

  • Document size, detail are not reliable indicators of completeness, consistency of requirements;
  • Facilitating objective metrics;
  • Improving risk management.

Easier to generate or review other artifacts consistent with the models:

  • System plans, needs, requests, authorizations, requirements, designs, analyses;
  • Generate improved FMECA framework from underlying model – more complete, systematic, and less effort to generate;
  • Easier to measure, analyze, and maintain the consistency of different document views: different sub-systems, ICDs, test plans, requirements, designs.

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