The Systematica Experience

Systematica is more than just a systems methodology…

Based on the minimum information describing a complex system, it embodies a perspective on the systems making up your universe:

  • Man made systems, natural systems, human groups, oneself;
  • For those who dig deeper, a foundation for understanding and improved performance;
  • A stimulating, exciting view of the nature of systems.

For the engineer, scientist, or technologist:

For communities, teams, and team members:

  • Improved ability to work, interact, communicate with each other;
  • The “single sheet of music” – improving the power of language;
  • Amplification of one’s expertise, through efforts of others;
  • The excitement of an enabled team;
  • Get more done done with less effort.

For leaders, managers, planners in systems-based enterprises:

  • Unify your links to customers, stakeholders, and technologists, using the model-based Feature Framework;
  • Do more with less – drive competitors to the ground through increased leverage.

For the Individual:

  • Improve your understanding of the systems that surround you;
  • Perspectives on yourself;
  • You are no longer alone in your systems perspective;
  • Your intuition can be explicated to others.

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