About ICTT

What We Do:

ICTT specializes in solving the Complex Systems Problems of major enterprises, institutions, and industries:

These problems span many System Technologies, and are concerned with the rising impacts of Complexity Growth. As global thought leaders in the rapidly emerging field of high complexity systems, we provide our major enterprise clients with new, high-impact answers to the related problems that limit or threaten their future success.

These problems occur for individual products and systems, and grow larger for product lines and product portfolios, families and portfolios of technologies, and families of systems.

We provide our clients with practical Professional Services and Licensed Technologies, based on Systematica Methodology for Complex Systems. Our work enables our clients’ success on their individual programs, projects, and initiatives for new or revised products or systems, and also used by our clients to transform and re-energize their internal processes of system planning, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, management, operations and maintenance, control, and other system life cycle processes.

We “practice what we preach”. Our specialists roll up their sleeves and join our clients’ teams, to carry these solutions through to completion. We provide complementary capacity and offerings that extend this success.

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