Journey Map Planning (JMP) Service

Moving from your current business processes to Model-Based System Processes (MPSP), Pattern-Based System Processes (PBSP), or Intelligence-Based System Processes (IBSP) is a rewarding but challenging journey. How can this progress be accomplished? What are the risks? What does experience of others with this journey tell us?

Even though each enterprise is unique, all journeys to MBSP, PBSP, or IBSP share certain characteristics. This experience can be configured to result in your enterprise’s Journey Map—a plan for this journey.

Part of the good news is that it is not necessary (or even advisable) to wait years for return on your investment. The Journey Map Planning (JMP) Service leverages the experience of ICTT System Sciences in supporting this journey. Working together, we’ll plan goals aligned with your current and projected projects, products, strategic plans, and other programs and initiatives, to yield positive returns on your investments each year.

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